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Dance with Kerry Fletcher!

Kerry Fletcher, Billy West and Tim Brooks

Romany step dancer Billy West stepping with Kerry Fletcher,
accompanied by Tim Brooks (picture courtesy of Essex Folk News)

Kent’s Kerry Fletcher is a traditional dancer of many styles, from waltzing to clogging, but at the Kent Gathering she will be focusing on Southern English-style stepping. Accompanied by her regular musician Tim Brooks, she’ll be teaching stepping in the Village Hall from 10.30 am (open to adult and children with parents, entry £1.00 for under-17s, £2 for adults), and performing at the lunch-time session at the Bell & Jorrocks and in the afternoon concert. We’re very lucky to have Kerry and Tim, as they’re very experienced dance workshop tutors, and accomplished performers. They’ve been working together at festivals and workshops for several years now, and particularly enjoy encouraging new people to get up and take a step or two – or three!