Some sound and video clips from the Kent Gathering

Pam Buckley stepping at the Kent Gathering

With the permission of the sound recordist and the performers involved, we’d like to put up some sound samples over the next few months.

As it should be, the focus at the Gathering was on Kent, but we were very pleased when people came from other areas to be at the event. The first samples we have to put up are a real treat starring the prize-winning step-dancer Pam Buckley, who very kindly came down from Norfolk with her talented family to show us how it’s done!

Within living memory Kent was well known for step dancing, and we were delighted to be able to feature it at the Kent Gathering.

Listen to this MP3 track of Pam dancing to a waltz played by one of the Gathering organisers, Gavin Atkin and introduced by another, Paul Cowdell.

This cllip shows a short video of Pam dancing to Tim Brooks’ playing at the afternoon concert.

Stepping is alive and well in East Anglia, thanks to the stepping families, and local music supporters and researchers who have kept it going – see the link to the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust on the left-hand side of this website.

Some great news is that stepping has a real future in East Anglia, with many youngsters taking it up. This is Shannon Gaskin, a very young member of Pam’s family who is keeping stepping very much alive. Here’s Shannon stepping to Gavin’s playing.

Finally, it’s important that we don’t forget the singers who appeared at the Gathering. Yvette Gaskin, also down from Norfolk, volunteered to sing and quietly announced that she had lived in Ireland for a while and had picked up the music. Then she took a breath and sang superbly! We very much hope to hear much more of her not too long away.